Exchange Server 2010

Applies to: Live@edu

Topic Last Modified: 2012-06-22

Migrate Live@edu Users and Get Them Connected

After you've deployed, you're ready to migrate mailboxes and mailbox data to your cloud-based e-mail organization. And be sure to let users know how to connect to their new accounts.

E-Mail Migration Overview

Learn which migration method is right for your organization.

E-Mail Migration Overview

Live@edu Upgrade to Office 365

In countries where Office 365 is available, all educational institutions using Live@edu will be upgraded to Office 365 for education.

Hotmail to Outlook Live Migration for Live@edu

Migrate E-Mail from an IMAP Server to Cloud-based Mailboxes

You may have existing user mailboxes in an IMAP messaging system. Use IMAP migration to migrate the contents of those mailboxes.

Migrate E-Mail from an IMAP Server

Migrate Mailboxes to the Cloud with a Staged Exchange Migration

Use a staged Exchange migration to move some mailboxes to the cloud while maintaining the rest of your mailboxes in your on-premises Exchange environment. You can also use a staged Exchange migration as an intermediate step to moving completely to the cloud.

Migrate Mailboxes using a Staged Migration

Demo: Import New Exchange Online Users, Migrate Their E-Mail, and Get Them Connected

Learn how to migrate user mailboxes from an IMAP messaging system.

Demo: Import New Users and Migrate Their E-Mail

Send a Welcome Message to New Users

Use the mail merge process to send your users a welcome message that helps them get started with their new account.

Send a Welcome Message to New Users