Text Messaging Settings

You can change the settings your account uses to send and receive text messages.

Text Messaging Status

You can turn text messaging on or off for your account. If text messaging has been turned on, you'll see the account you're using to send text messages listed.

Configuring Text Messaging

If text messaging is turned on for your account, the following settings are displayed.


Setting Description


This line shows the country or region you selected for your location.

Mobile service provider

This is your mobile phone carrier.

Text messaging ID

This is the ID assigned by your service provider.

  • To turn on Text Messaging for your account, click Configure Settings.

  • To change the Text Messaging settings for your account, click Edit Settings.

  • To turn off Text Messaging for your account, click Clear Settings.

What else do I need to know?

  • Your mobile service provider will charge for each text message you send, including those sent and received within Outlook Web App.

  • Learn About Text Messaging

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