View Details for Your Hotmail Account

You can enter a display name or view detailed status for a Hotmail account you've added to your account in Outlook Web App. To do this, from your e-mail, click Options > See All Options > Account > Connected Accounts. In the Connected Accounts box, select the account you want to update, and then click Details.

This feature may not be available for your account.
Current Status

This section shows you the last time and date that your account in Outlook Web App connected successfully and downloaded e-mail from your Hotmail account. The service synchronizes to your Hotmail account every hour.

This section also expands on the brief status displayed in the status column for the account listed in the Connected Accounts box. If something is wrong with the connection, the status section tells you what you can do to fix the connection.

For example:

  • If the mailbox for your Hotmail account is full, your account in Outlook Web App won't be able to connect to the account. Delete messages in your Hotmail account to free up space. Your account in Outlook Web App will automatically connect to your Hotmail account when you've finished.

Account Information

Display name   This is required. The display name you enter here is the name recipients see on the From line when you send mail from your connected account in Outlook Web App. For example, if the account's e-mail address is, you could use My Contoso Account or Contoso as the display name. Click Save when you're done making a change.

E-mail address   This shows the e-mail address of the Hotmail account you've added to your account in Outlook Web App. The e-mail address can't be modified.

If you've changed the password for your Hotmail account, you don't need to make that change in Outlook Web App. After you've created the initial connection to your Hotmail account any subsequent password changes does not affect the sync connection to your Hotmail account.


When you click Save, the service will connect to your Hotmail account and try to download e-mail.

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