Deleted Mailboxes in Live@edu


Applies to: Office 365 for professionals and small businesses, Office 365 for enterprises, Live@edu

Topic Last Modified: 2012-10-30

If you are using Office 365, the deleted mailbox recovery procedures are completed only in the Office 365 portal.
For more information about Office 365 mailbox recovery procedures, see the following help topics:

In Live@edu, a deleted mailbox that’s recoverable appears on the Deleted Mailboxes page. To access the Deleted Mailboxes page in the Exchange Control Panel, click Manage My Organization, click Users & Groups, click Mailboxes, and then click Deleted Mailboxes Deleted Mailboxes.

On the Deleted Mailboxes page, the deleted mailboxes are listed by e-mail address and the date on which each mailbox was deleted. To sort the list, click E-mail Address or Date Deleted.

  • To recover a deleted mailbox, select the mailbox, and then click Recover Recover Deleted Mailbox.

  • To refresh the list of deleted mailboxes, click Refresh.

Why doesn't a deleted mailbox appear on the list?

If a deleted mailbox isn't recoverable, it doesn't appear on the list. A mailbox isn’t recoverable in the following situations:

  • The deleted mailbox was a resource mailbox. Room and equipment mailboxes aren't recoverable.

  • The mailbox was deleted more than 30 days ago. Mailboxes can be recovered only within 30 days of deletion.

  • You created a mailbox and deleted it immediately. A mailbox isn't actually "created" until it’s directly accessed in some way, as in the following examples:

    • The user signs in to the mailbox or accesses the mailbox by using a mail client.

    • An e-mail message is sent to the mailbox.

    • An administrator runs a command that accesses the mailbox, for example: Test-MapiConnectivity <mailbox>.

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