Calendar Automatic Processing

Use Automatic Processing options to control how meeting items are handled.

Automatic Processing


Setting Description

Automatically place new meeting requests on my calendar, marked Tentative

Select this to automatically add new meetings to your calendar and mark them as tentative. Selecting this option doesn't send a reply to the meeting organizer.

Delete meeting requests and responses that have been updated

Select this check box to automatically remove out-of-date meeting requests and responses from your Inbox.

Automatically process requests and responses from external senders

If you have a shared address book, select this check box to apply meeting requests and responses to your calendar from people who are not in the shared address book. By default, meeting requests and responses from people who aren't in your shared address book aren't applied to your calendar.

Delete notifications about forwarded meetings

Select this check box to automatically put meeting forward notifications in the Deleted Items folder. By default, you'll receive these notifications when a meeting you organize is forwarded to a new recipient by one of the meeting attendees. Selecting this option doesn't affect the actual processing of meeting request responses.

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