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Calendar Publishing

Calendar publishing creates a URL you can give to people so they can view your calendar. You choose how much information to share.

This feature may not be available for your account.
This information applies to the standard version of Outlook Web App. The feature that's described isn't available in the Outlook Web App Light.
Video: Publish Your Calendar

This video shows you how to use Outlook Web App to publish your calendar to the Internet.

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How do I publish my calendar?

  1. Click CalendarCalendar in the Navigation Pane in Outlook Web App.

  2. Click Share, and then select Publish This Calendar to Internet. If you've already published your calendar, click Change Publishing Settings.

  3. Under Publishing Detail, select how much information you want to share:

    • Availability Only   Shares only free/busy information.

    • Limited Details   Shows the subject of meetings.

    • Full Details   Shows all information.

  4. Under Publish my calendar, select the length of time that you want to publish. Publishing will start on the current date.

  5. Under Access level, select how much access you want people to have.

    • Restricted prevents people from searching for your calendar on the Internet. Anyone who wants to see your calendar will have to obtain the URL from you or from someone you've given it to.

    • Public lets people search for your calendar on the Internet, which means that anyone may be able to find it by doing an Internet search.

  6. After you've selected the detail level, time frame, and access you want, click Start Publishing. After you click Start Publishing, you can copy the URLs for your calendar from Calendar Links.

  7. Calendar Links are links that you can send to people so they can view your calendar.

    • People can use Link for subscribing to this calendar to add your calendar to any application that supports linking to published calendars.

    • Link for viewing calendar in a Web browser lets people go directly to your published calendar from a Web browser.

  8. Use Copy links to the Clipboard to copy both links to the Clipboard on your computer. You can then paste the links into an e-mail message to send to people you want to view your calendar.

How do I stop publishing my calendar?

  1. If you want to stop publishing your calendar, click CalendarCalendar in the Navigation Pane in Outlook Web App.

  2. Click Share, and then select Change Publishing Settings.

  3. Click Stop Publishing, and then click either Cancel to close the window or the close icon close at the top of the window.

What else do I need to know?

  • After you've published your calendar, a new option, Send links to this calendar, will be available under Share. Click Send links to this calendar to open an e-mail message that includes the URLs to view and subscribe to your published calendar.

  • Calendar entries marked as private will display only free/busy information, no matter what permissions you've given.

  • People who view or subscribe to your published calendar can't make changes to it.

What if I want to know more?

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