Manage Access for Mobile Devices


Applies to: Office 365 for professionals and small businesses, Office 365 for enterprises, Live@edu

Topic Last Modified: 2011-02-18

In the Exchange Control Panel, use the ActiveSync Access tab to control how mobile devices connect to Microsoft Exchange in your organization.

  • Exchange ActiveSync Access Settings   Exchange ActiveSync Access settings give you control over which mobile devices can synchronize to mailboxes in your organization, and which administrators are notified when devices are quarantined. Your current settings are summarized here. To view and change your settings, click Edit. For more information, see Change ActiveSync Access Settings.

  • Quarantined Devices   When a device is quarantined, it shows up in this list. For more information about a specific device, select the device and click Details. To create a personal exemption for that device for that user only, click Allow or Block. To create a device access rule that applies to devices that are similar to the one selected, select Create a rule for all users.

  • Device Access Rules   An Exchange ActiveSync device access rule determines whether users can synchronize to Exchange with specific mobile device families or models. To create a new rule, click New. For more information, see the following:

Note   The other way you can control device access is by creating personal exemptions for specific users. If you create an exemption for a user for a specific mobile device, then any device access rules or access settings for that mobile device are not applied for that user only.

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