Configuration Recommendations for Exchange ActiveSync


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Topic Last Modified: 2010-11-17

The recommended configuration for Exchange ActiveSync varies depending on the size of your organization.

  • Configure Exchange ActiveSync in a small to medium-sized organization   If you manage a small or medium-sized organization, you can get started quickly by quarantining all mobile devices and then managing them on a case-by-case basis as users synchronize with Microsoft Exchange.

  • Configure Exchange ActiveSync in a large organization   If you manage a large organization where more than 500 mobile devices are synchronizing, it makes sense to plan your mobile device policy in advance and create device access rules to allow or block specific device families so you minimize the number of quarantine notifications you have to handle.

Configure Exchange ActiveSync in a small to medium-sized organization

You can configure a few settings that let your users start synchronizing their mobile devices using Exchange ActiveSync, and allow you to review and allow or block the devices as they are used.

  1. Specify your quarantine manager, the administrator who is responsible for reviewing quarantined devices. See Select Which Administrators Receive Quarantine E-mails.

  2. Configure your default Exchange ActiveSync setting to quarantine all mobile devices that try to synchronize. See Allow, Block, or Quarantine New Device Connections.

  3. Add custom text to the message that users receive when their devices are quarantined. See Customize E-mails for Blocked or Quarantined Devices.

With these settings, when a user tries to synchronize with your organization, the following things happen:

  • The user's mobile device is quarantined.

  • The user receives a message telling them their device has been quarantined, with the custom message you've specified.

  • The quarantine manager you specified to receive quarantine notifications gets an e-mail telling them a mobile device has been quarantined.

Your quarantine manager can then decide to block or allow quarantined mobile devices in two ways:

After you have created device access rules for the devices that users are currently synchronizing, only new devices will alert you to take action.

Configure Exchange ActiveSync in a large organization

Choose from the following two approaches to minimize quarantine notifications:

  • Allow All and then Block Specific Device Families or Models: Allow all devices to synchronize and then create device access rules to block specific device families or models. Here's how: Create a New Device Access Rule.

  • Allow Known and Quarantine Unknown Devices: Create device access rules to allow only those devices that you know are approved in your organization, and to quarantine all unknown devices. Here's how: Allow, Block, or Quarantine New Device Connections.

You may also want to set up Exchange ActiveSync device policies that control how users use and synchronize their mobile devices. Here's how: Create a New ActiveSync Device Policy.

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