Learn About Text Messaging and Voice Mail

Short Messaging Service (SMS), also known as text messaging, is a way of communicating using mobile phones. You can set up your account to send text messages to your mobile phone when you miss a call, receive a voice mail message, or receive a meeting request. This feature is currently available in the United States and China. More countries will be supported in the future.

When someone calls you and leaves a voice mail message, you'll receive an e-mail message in your Inbox about the missed call and another for the voice message that the caller left for you. You can also receive a text message notification on your mobile phone. If you're using Outlook Web App and have set up text message notifications, you can turn on or turn off text message notifications about missed calls and voice messages. If you're using Outlook voice mail, text message notifications aren't set up for you automatically and you won't receive a text message about each voice message that's left for you.

The text messages that are sent to your mobile phone using Outlook voice mail will contain a text preview of the voice message that was left. The format of the text message that's sent to your mobile phone and the length of the text preview depends on the model of your mobile phone and your mobile service provider.

The following are examples of text messages that have been received on a mobile phone that contain a text preview.

Voice Mail Text Messaging Voice Mail Text Messaging 2 Voice Mail Text Messaging 3
If voice mail notifications aren't enabled, you need to first enable text message notifications on the Text Messaging tab by clicking Turn On Notifications and completing the required steps.

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