Exchange Server 2010

Applies to: Live@edu

Topic Last Modified: 2012-06-25

important Important:
Live@edu is transitioning to Office 365 for education. To find out if Office 365 for education is available in your country, go to Office 365 for education , click Sign Up for 30-Day Free Trial , and then look for your country in the Country or region list. If Office 365 for education is available:

Outlook Live for Live@edu

Outlook Live offers the flexibility you need to deploy the hosted e-mail solution that works best with your existing messaging system. Choose a domain addressing option below, answer a few questions, and we'll generate a deployment guide for you.

Separate Domain for Live@edu

  • A separate domain for Outlook Live users

  • Users segmented by e-mail address

  • Mail delivered directly to Outlook Live

Shared Domain for Live@edu

  • Shared domain name for on-premises and hosted users

  • A unified e-mail domain address

  • Mail relayed between Outlook Live and another messaging system

Custom Deployment Solution for Live@edu

  • Automated account management for non-Active Directory data sources

  • Non-standard mail delivery scenarios