Review a Delivery Report


Applies to: Office 365 for professionals and small businesses, Office 365 for enterprises, Live@edu

Topic Last Modified: 2008-12-04

The Delivery Report shows delivery status and detailed delivery information for the message you have selected from the Search Results pane. At the top of the report, you'll see the following fields:

  • Subject   The subject line of the message appears as the heading of the report.

  • From   Alias, display name, or e-mail address of the person who sent the message.

  • To   Alias, display name, or e-mail address for each recipient of the message.

  • Sent   Date and time the message was sent.

Summary to date section

This section appears in the delivery report if a message was sent to more than one person or recipient. The top of this section tells you the total number of recipients that the message was sent to and gives brief delivery information for each recipient.

  • Summary to date   Displays total Recipients, and if there are messages Pending, Delivered, or Unsuccessful. Click the hyperlinks to sort by status.

  • Search box   The search box is useful if you sent the message to a group of more than 30 recipients. In the search box, type an e-mail address that you want to get delivery information about and click the magnifying glass.

  • To   Shows the display name or e-mail address of the recipient.

  • Status   This column will display the status of the message for each recipient.

Detailed report information

This section contains detailed delivery information for a message sent to the recipient you select in the Summary to date section.

  • Delivery Report for   The display name and e-mail address of the selected recipient is shown here.

  • Submitted   Date and time that the message was submitted for delivery by the system.

Depending on the state of the message, you may see a variety of status messages, including:

  • Delivered   Indicates successful delivery.

  • Deferred   Indicates that a message is delayed.

  • Pending   If message delivery is pending because a message meets the criteria for an organization-wide rule or policy or because it is subject to message approval, the status will explain what action a rule is performing or that the message must be approved by a moderator before delivery.

  • Moderator   The status indicates whether the message was approved or rejected by the moderator.

  • Groups Expanded   If a message was sent to a group, the individual users are shown in the Summary to date section so you can see the delivery status for each recipient. If you need to remove or add a user to a group during a delivery report investigation, you can modify a group by clicking Edit Groups.

  • Failed   Shows the date, time, and reason for a message failure. For example, an organization-wide rule may be blocking message delivery or the message couldn't be delivered.

When you're done reviewing the report, click Close. Delivery reports aren't saved, but you can re-run a report at any time. Remember there is a two-week search window.

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