Send a Text Message


Topic Last Modified: 2009-08-14

Short Messaging Service (SMS), also known as text messaging, is a way to communicate between mobile phones. You can send and receive text messages through Outlook Web App. In addition to sending and receiving text messages, users can receive notifications of new messages via text messaging.

To Send a Text Message

  1. Type an address in the text box or click Address Book address book next to the To label to lookup an existing contact's address.

  2. Type your message after your user name in the message body. Note that you have 160 characters to send in a message, which includes the username: prefix. As you type, the counter on the right will count down the number of characters you have left in the current message. Text messages longer than 160 characters will be sent as multiple text messages.

  3. When you are finished, click sendSend or press ALT+S to send it to the recipient.

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