Common Error Messages

Outlook Web App uses HTTP to display mailbox information in a Web browser. You may see the following error messages when you use Outlook Web App.


Error Description

400 Bad Request

A request from your browser, for example, to open a folder or view a message, was incorrect. This can happen if the connection with the e-mail server was interrupted. Try the request again.

401 Unauthorized

You don't have permission to access a particular item or folder. The owner or administrator of the item or folder has to grant your account the appropriate permission. For more information, contact your helpdesk. You may also see this error message if you typed your password incorrectly.

403 Forbidden

You aren't allowed to perform this action. Contact your helpdesk if you think you should be able to perform this action.

404 Not Found

The item or folder you're trying to access has been moved or deleted. Refresh your message list by clicking check messagesCheck Messages on the toolbar. You may also see this message if you're trying to access a folder you don't have permission to view.

500 Server Error

There's been a failure in Internet Information Services (IIS) on the e-mail server. Contact your helpdesk immediately.

500 Internal Server Error

The e-mail server can't process your request. This can be caused by several server issues. Contact your helpdesk.

502 Bad Gateway

Copying items between servers isn't allowed.

503 Service Unavailable

The Exchange components required by Outlook Web App aren't running on the server you're connected to. Contact your helpdesk for an updated Web address.

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