Each type of folder in your mailbox (mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks) has its own set of toolbar options specific to its function or purpose. The following table shows samples of buttons available on the toolbar for the mail folders. Other folders have a similar set of toolbar options that apply to the type of information contained in them.


Button Description


Create a new e-mail message.


Delete the selected e-mail message or messages.


Click to move the selected item to another folder.


Click to select a pre-set filter to find items that match the filter.


Show or hide the Reading Pane.

check messages

Check the server for new messages.


Reply to the sender of an e-mail message.

Reply All

Reply to all recipients of an e-mail message.


Forward an e-mail message to a recipient or recipients.

In addition to the toolbars, you can complete several actions by right-clicking an item and selecting the action you want from a menu.

What else do I need to know?

If you're using the Reading Pane, you won't see Reply, Reply All, or Forward in the toolbar. Instead you'll see icons for reply reply, Reply All reply all and forward forward at the top of each message in the Reading Pane.

What if I want to know more?

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