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E-mail messages are delivered to a server that hosts your mailbox. By default, messages are stored in the Inbox of your mailbox. Mail folders display new messages in bold type. After they're opened, the new messages revert to normal type.

To view your messages, click Mail in the Getting Started > Navigation Pane.

How do I work with messages?

When you open an e-mail message, the following information is displayed in the read message form heading:

  • Subject   The subject of the message.

  • From   The name or e-mail address of the sender or organization.

  • Sent   The date and time the message was sent.

  • To   The name or e-mail address of the primary recipients.

  • Cc   The name or e-mail address of the carbon-copy (Cc) recipients.

For more information about a sender or recipient, for example, the person's street address or telephone number, click their name in the From, To, or Cc line.

Some e-mail messages you receive may contain the following link in the heading: View as Web Page. When you see this link, it means the original message contained elements that were blocked because they posed a potential security risk. These include Java applets and ActiveX controls. Click the link to view the message in its unfiltered form in a separate browser window. Before the message opens, you'll see a warning message about the potential security risk associated with viewing such content.

What else do I need to know?

What if I want to know more?

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