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Create Equipment Mailboxes -
Resource mailboxes are special mailboxes that are used to reserve conference rooms and equipment. After an administrator creates resource mailboxes, users ...
Configure Resource Mailbox Options in Windows PowerShell
As soon as you create a resource mailbox, the resource mailbox can accept reservations in the form of meeting requests from all users. However, you may ...
Manage Recipients -
Manage Recipients. Learn how to create and manage user mailboxes, external contacts, resource mailboxes and more in the Exchange Control Panel or by using ...
Delete a Mailbox -
When you delete a mailbox by using the Exchange Control Panel, the mailbox is moved into a Deleted Objects container. This makes the mailbox inaccessible ...
Set Mailbox Quotas in Office 365 using Windows PowerShell
In Microsoft Office 365, Exchange Online administrators can use mailbox quotas to help control the size of mailboxes. Mailbox quotas are automatically set ...
Manage Exchange Online Users -
Manage Exchange Online Users - ... Home
View Mailbox Sizes and Mailbox Quotas Using Windows PowerShell
The mailbox size and mailbox quotas are visible in the Mailbox Usage section of the mailbox properties in the Exchange Control ... No resources were found.
Mailbox Plans -
A mailbox plan is a template that automatically populates multiple mailbox properties and assigns default permissions to users. You use mailbox plans to ...
Create a Discovery Mailbox to Store Search Results
When you run a mailbox search, copies of the search results are stored in a special type of mailbox, called a discovery mailbox.
View and Filter Mailboxes -
Get-Mailbox -Filter '(RecipientTypeDetails -eq "RoomMailbox")' To view all the mailboxes on litigation hold, ... No resources were found.
Assign a Mailbox Plan -
You assign a mailbox plan to a new user when you create the new mailbox. ... No resources were found. more... ©2014 Microsoft Corporation.
Demo: Set Up a Shared Mailbox -
In this video demo, you'll learn how to set up a shared mailbox that multiple users can open to read and send email messages. ... No resources were found.
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Recover a Deleted Mailbox in Live@edu in Windows PowerShell
For an explanation of situations in which a deleted mailbox isn't recoverable, see Deleted Mailboxes in Live@edu. Home. ... No resources were found.
Give Users Access to Multi-Mailbox Search - Outlook Web App
Human resources officers investigating harassment complaints in ... Use Multi-Mailbox Search in the Manage My Organisation > Mail Control > Discovery tab ...
Manage Outlook Web App Features Using Outlook Web App ...
Note In Live@edu organisations, the names of the Outlook Web App mailbox policies correspond to the names of the available mailbox plans.
Give an Administrator the Ability to Open and View the ...
Your organisation may require that Exchange Online administrators be able to open another user's mailbox and view the contents, including reading email ...
Configure MailTips -
To configure MailTips for mailboxes, ... However, users outside the human resources department mistakenly submit questions to this distribution group.
Assign a Mailbox Plan to Many Users' Accounts with Windows ...
Every mailbox user you create is assigned to a mailbox plan. In Live@edu organisations, you can also change a user's mailbox plan in the Exchange Control ...
Manage UM Mailboxes - Outlook Web App
Assign a UM Mailbox Policy to a User Mailbox The UM mailbox policy that you assign to a user mailbox manages the UM settings and ... No resources were ...
Understand Remote Mailbox Move and UM -
This article assumes that you’re familiar with Unified Messaging and have a general understanding of how a remote mailbox move ... No resources were ...
Options for Deleting Mailboxes in Windows PowerShell in ...
Options for Deleting Mailboxes in Windows PowerShell in ... ... Home
Plan to Migrate UM-Enabled Mailboxes -
If you want to migrate UM-enabled mailboxes from your on-premises Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010 organisation to the cloud, ... No resources were found.
Accepted Domains -
Accepted domains don't have to be subdomains. The administrator can also create an accepted domain for all alumni, such as
View and Customise Settings in Outlook Web App Mailbox ...
It's difficult to view all the settings in an Outlook Web App mailbox policy without truncating the results. However, ... No resources were found.
Demo: Estimate or Copy Multi-Mailbox Search Results
In this video demo, we explain the differences between the two types of multi-mailbox searches that are available when you create or edit a multi-mailbox ...
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Configure Mailbox Plan Attribute Flow for OLSync
When you provision new user accounts in Outlook Live, you choose one of two mailbox plans. For detailed information about each mailbox plan, see Mailbox Plans.
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Create Exclusive Write Scopes -
An exclusive write scope isolates specific mailboxes so they can be managed by designated administrators only. For example, you can use an exclusive write ...
Address Book -
You can also send a message by entering the SMTP address of the mailbox to send ... you can use the address book to check availability of people or resources.
Prepare a CSV File for a Staged Exchange Migration
Each row in the CSV file that you use to migrate on-premises Exchange mailboxes to the cloud in a staged Exchange migration contains information about the ...
Tools for Managing Your Organisation -
Link to all other resources. ... Test connection settings to an on-premises email server in preparation for migrating mailboxes and email to a cloud-based ...
Prepare a CSV file to Migrate Email from an IMAP Server
To migrate mailboxes after you set up virtual shared folders on your IMAP server, ... No resources were found. more... ©2014 Microsoft Corporation.
Administrator Role Groups -
Use Multi-Mailbox Search to search mailboxes across the organisation for email and other message types that contain specific ... No resources were found.
Plan for UM -
These resources, which include a ... And on-premises UM auto attendants can retrieve voice mail greetings for mailboxes hosted on premises only.
Control Users' Access to Windows Remote Management
To prevent access for all mailboxes where the Title property contains "Primary", run the following command: Copy. ... No resources were found.
Rename a User ID -
Cloud-based users signs in to their mailbox using their user ID, ... an administrator has to rename an existing user ID. ... No resources were found.
Allow Users to Change Their Display Names - Outlook Web App
In the Mailbox Settings section, select the role assignment policy you want to assign to the mailbox. In this example, ... No resources were found.
Migration: FAQs for Live@edu Administrators - Outlook Web App
If the mailboxes are in a small Exchange organization, you can export the mailboxes to Personal Folder (.pst) files. ... No resources were found.
Mail > Address Book - Outlook Web App
You can select entries from the address book for your organisation or from the Contacts folders in your mailbox. ... Optional or Resources to open the search area.
Add or Remove Proxy Addresses to a User's Account
You can configure more than one email address for the same mailbox. This additional email address, known as a proxy address, is associated with the user's ...
Remote Domains -
The default remote domain applies the same settings to all email ... New-RemoteDomain -Name Fabrikam ... the remote user mailboxes are ...
Give Users Send As Permission - Outlook Web App
For example, when you give the user Chris Send As permission on the mailbox of a user named Michelle, ... No resources were found. more...
Account Maintenance: FAQs for Live@edu Administrators
For the mailboxes that don't appear in the address book, you have to modify one of the properties of the mailbox, ... No resources were found.
Message and Recipient Limits -
Message and Recipient Limits ... Maximum size of the arbitration mailbox If the arbitration mailbox exceeds this limit, ... No resources were found.
Built-in RBAC Roles -
Configure mailbox data to be retained for litigation purposes in an organisation. Discovery Management. Organisation Management. ... No resources were found.
Other Things to Do with Items
When you're working with items in your mailbox, you may want to do more than send or reply to email messages. You can also do things like organise messages ...
Learn About Email on a Mobile Phone -
... your mobile phone will be kept up to date with your mailbox through a process known as synchronisation. POP3 or IMAP4 ... No resources were found.