Add or Remove Recipients


Applies to: Office 365 for professionals and small businesses, Office 365 for enterprises, Microsoft Exchange, Live@edu

Topic last modified: 2009-08-16

Email addresses for the message recipients are typed on the To, Cc, or Bcc lines located on the message form.

How do I add or remove recipients?

To add recipients to a message:

  • On the To and Cc lines, type the names or email addresses of the message recipients. You can type all or part of the recipient's name or email address. Separate multiple names with semicolons (;).

  • You can also address the message by clicking To or Cc. This opens the Address Book. The Address Book lets you search for a person in the shared address book (if one is available) or in your Contacts folder. After you locate a person in the Address Book, add their name to your email message by selecting the name and then clicking To, Cc, or Bcc under Message recipients.

  • You might want to include recipients without having them visible to everyone you send the message to. You can do this using Bcc. Bcc recipients get a copy of the message, but their names don't appear in the list of recipients. Bcc recipients can't see the names of other Bcc recipients.

    • To add Bcc recipients, click message optionsOptions on the message toolbar, and then, under Current Message Settings, select Show Bcc. You can also click To or Cc to open the Address Book and use the Bcc line that appears there.

To remove recipients from a message:

  • To delete a name from the address boxes, right-click the name and then click Remove. You can also select the name and press DELETE, or put the cursor at the end of a name, and then press the BACKSPACE key.

What else do I need to know?

  • When you type a name or SMTP address on the To or Cc lines in a new message, Outlook Web App will try to match or resolve, the names. You can wait for this to happen automatically, or you can force name resolution by clicking the Check Names icon check names. Resolved names will have a solid blue underline, and unresolved names appear in gray text with a dashed red underline.

  • If a name is unresolved, right-click it to see a list of possible matches. Click a name to add it to the list of recipients or click Remove to delete the unresolved name.

  • To add a resolved name to your Contacts folder, right-click the name and then click Add to Contacts.

What if I want to know more?

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