Applies to: Office 365 for professionals and small businesses, Office 365 for enterprises, Microsoft Exchange, Live@edu

Topic last modified: 2009-08-16

You can use the Favourites folder in the Navigation Pane to store shortcuts to the folders you use the most.

How do I add a folder to Favourites?

There are two ways you can add a folder to your Favourites:

  • Click the folder you want to add to your Favourites, and then drag it to Favourites.

  • Right-click the folder you want to add to your Favourites, and then select Add to Favourites.

How do I remove a folder from Favourites?

  • Right-click the folder you want to remove from your Favourites, and then click Remove from Favourites. If you click Delete, you'll be asked if you want to delete the folder or remove it from Favourites. Make your selection, and then click OK, or click Cancel to exit without removing or deleting the folder from Favourites.

  • If you select Delete it, the folder will be deleted from your mailbox.

How do I arrange folders in Favourites?

  • When you drag a folder into your Favourites, you'll see a line that shows you where the folder will be dropped. After a folder is added to your Favourites, you can move it up or down in the list of Favourites by right-clicking it and clicking move upMove Up in List or move downMove Down in List.

  • You can't nest folders in Favourites. If you create a shortcut in Favourites for a folder that has subfolders, you won't see the subfolders in Favourites.

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