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Topic last modified: 2009-08-14

The Tasks folder contains to-do items.

How do I work with tasks?

Tasks let you track anything that you choose. For example, you can create a task to write a report, and then add a reminder, start date, due date and notes to the task. If you need to do the same task more than once, you can make it a repeating task.

To open your tasks, click taskTasks in the Navigation Pane.

How do I select what tasks to view?

The navigation pane in Tasks lets you select the types of tasks you want to view. You can also choose to view all Flagged Items and Tasks or only Tasks.

If you create additional tasks folders, they also appear together with Flagged Items and Tasks and Tasks.

Selecting Flagged Items and Tasks causes all items that you flag (email messages, contacts and tasks) to appear in the list of items. The actions that are available for an item depend on the item type. For example, if you select a flagged email message, you can reply to or forward it from the toolbar. If you select a flagged meeting request you've received, you can accept, tentatively accept or decline it by using the toolbar.

Selecting Tasks limits the list to tasks only.

In addition to specifying what type of tasks you want to view, you can specify which tasks to view based on their status by using the options in the Show section under Tasks. You can choose from the following options:

  • All: Shows all items.

  • Active: Shows only incomplete items.

  • Overdue: Shows only overdue items.

  • Complete: Shows only items that are marked as Complete.

What else do I need to know?

  • To-do items are kept in your Tasks folder. These to-do items can be tasks, email messages or contacts that have been flagged for follow-up. By default, all tasks are flagged for follow-up when they're created, even if they have no start date or due date. Whenever you create a task, or flag an email message or a contact, a to-do item is created automatically. Tasks can occur one time or they can repeat. Tasks can be updated to show progress by using the % complete field.

What if I want to know more?

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