Learn More About Setting Up Your Phone to Use Your Account

You can use your mobile phone to access information in your mailbox. This includes e-mail messages, voice mail messages, calendar items, contacts, and task data. If you want to access all of these types of information on your phone, your phone must be compatible with Exchange ActiveSync. If your phone doesn’t support Exchange ActiveSync, you can still set up your phone to send and receive e-mail messages with your account by setting up a POP3 or IMAP4 account.

Most phones today support Exchange ActiveSync. If you're not sure whether your mobile phone is compatible with Exchange ActiveSync, see your mobile phone documentation or contact your mobile phone provider.

For information about how to set up your specific mobile phone or mobile device to access your account, see Mobile Phone Setup Wizard and Mobile Phone Setup Reference.

Accessing Your Account Information Using Exchange ActiveSync

To use your mobile phone to access your information, you need to set up an Exchange ActiveSync connection between your mobile phone and your account. This connection keeps your mobile phone up to date with your mailbox through a process known as synchronization.

When you set up your mobile phone for Exchange ActiveSync, you can choose to synchronize some or all of the following types of information:

  • E-mail messages   You can synchronize e-mail messages in all your mail folders.

  • Voice mail messages   Voice mail messages are synchronized to your Inbox.

  • Calendar data   You can view and add appointments to your calendar.

  • Contacts data   You can access your contacts on your mobile phone and place telephone calls to these contacts.

  • Tasks data   You can view and edit Tasks stored in your mailbox.

Protecting Your Account Information

If you lose your mobile phone, you can perform a remote device wipe to remove all your mailbox data from your mobile phone. You'll also lose any information on your phone's storage card. When you perform a remote device wipe from your mailbox, you can view a confirmation e-mail as soon as the remote device wipe is complete.

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