Calendar > Set a Repeating Item

You can schedule repeating appointments and meetings. You can also set an existing calendar item as repeating. But you can modify meeting requests to be repeating only if you created them.

How do I set a repeating item?

  1. Compose a new appointment or meeting request or open an item that already appears on your schedule.

  2. On the toolbar, click RepeatRepeat.

  3. Under Appointment Time, use the Start and Duration lists to select the start time and the end time of the repeating item. Set the date as the day you want this repetition pattern to begin.

  4. Click Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly to specify how often the appointment or meeting will occur. By default, appointments are set to repeat weekly.

  5. Set the additional options under Repeat Pattern. The options for the repetition pattern will vary depending on whether you selected Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly.

  6. Under Range of Repetition, select when you want the repetition pattern to start and end. You can set range of repetition to no end date, to end after a specific number of occurrences, or to end by a specific date.

What if I want to know more?

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